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Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol

ATIP isĀ  a comic that I, somewhat, post regularly to welcometotheawesome.com.

Unbeknownst to Humans, The Galactic War rages on. In an effort to stop Universal Destruction, the Galactic Draft is issued. As a planet directly in the path of the war, Human adolescents are abducted, cryo-frozen and transported hundreds of light years away to fight for the cause they know nothing about.
each soldier is equipped with a vesper energy suit. The suits, psychily linked, allow for a magnitude of fighting styles.
these fighting styles render
in different colors.

Patrol features short vignettes that focus on a soldier as they unfreeze, learn to go on Patrol, and eventually die. Some vignettes are shorter than others... Each chapter has a theme. The first chapter stars The Punk Rogue and The Comrade. The theme for this chapter is Betrayal.