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Patrol: A Coloring Card Game

Full 90 Card Deck now on Kickstarter!

Winner of

The 2018


Festival of Indie Games


Most Innovative Award!

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For those who can't wait until February, I will leave the Starter deck up on the website while the kickstarter runs.

Check out the Colors/abilities and the Gameplay Rules on the

Patrol: A Coloring Card Game Wiki

Patrol: A Coloring Card Game Starter Deck is a strategy card game that utilizes a unique Hide/Reveal and Patrol system.


There is no life or mana. Players are awarded points for soldiers who are alive at the end of the round. Players must use strategy and wit to defeat their opponents and keep their cards alive.


In addition, Patrol features 90 cards with unique artwork and abilities. Players are then able to create their own decks by enhancing their cards with 12 colors and abilities.


In an effort to eliminate the need for boosters decks and costly rare cards, a Patrol deck comes with all 90 available cards. Players then add one of the 12 colors/abilities to their cards for a total of 1080 different combinations of cards.


Begins Shipping July 20th


90 Card Deck coming to Kickstarter September 2018.


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Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol


Awesome Tenancious Intrepid Patrol or Awesome patrol for short the comic that inspired Patrol: A Coloring Card Game.

ATIP has been hiatus for a few months while i catch up on the Card Game but new pages will be coming in July 2018. Volume 1 will be concluded in the fall 2018.

Unbeknownst to Humans, The Galactic War rages on. In an effort to stop Universal Destruction, the Galactic Draft is issued. As a planet directly in the path of the war, Human adolescents are abducted, cryo-frozen and transported hundreds of light years away to fight for the cause they know nothing about.
each soldier is equipped with a vesper energy suit. The suits, psychily linked, allow for a magnitude of fighting styles.
these fighting styles render
in different colors.

Patrol features short vignettes that focus on a soldier as they unfreeze, learn to go on Patrol, and eventually die. Some vignettes are shorter than others... Each chapter has a theme. The first chapter stars The Punk Rogue and The Comrade. The theme for this chapter is Betrayal.

Written by Adam Hinxman. Art by Adamtheimpaler


For the Ghost City 5 Day Contest the comic need to have the setting Rehab Center, the quote “Haven’t seen a hit like that since Eighty-Eight” and have the prop "military uniform".

The Contest Comic features a world that contains Over the Counter Super Hero prescription drugs. Introduce yourself to the setting with a group of individuals who have abused different Super Hero Serums and have been admitted to Super Hero Serum Rehab.

Meet our Thursday group.

The Bouncer, an ordinary bouncer who, in a world of super heroes, is forced to take prescription super strength Strengthanol to keep his job.

The Hummingbird, a bodyguard who overdoses on the drug Adrenaminophen to protect the annual meet of Mob Bosses experiences years stuck in her body over the instance of a second.

Wells, a magical talking chair... Oh alright...after being egged on by frat brothers to try multi doses of various Super Drugs experiences the side effect of continuous invisibility.

Our villain of the group, General Misfortune, was a physic major who abused the drug IntellaGenRX. Now he suffers from side effects of Headaches, Affinity for Evil, and Onset of Sudden and Uncontrollable Laughter.

Be wary and let these terrible tales dissuade you from abusing Super Hero Serums.

Written by Adam Hinxman. Art by Adamtheimpaler

Coming the Winter of 2018-2019 is the first Adamtheimpaler Comic.

This comic will introduce Adamtheimpaler, Plymouth City, and many of its off kilter inhabitants.

Following an extreme battle with his arch nemesis, Adamtheimpaler and Greasewrench hurtle through the sky on a giant mechanical rooster. As Greasewrench bails with an escape parachute, Adamtheimpaler is left straddling the airship when it crashes through a mountain.

When the dust settles,  Adamtheimpaler is still alive but is trapped under a piece of the mountain. Unable to gain any leverage, his super strength is useless. Greasewrench refuses to help Adamtheimpaler and give up his chance at free reign of Plymouth City.

In the absence of Adamtheimpaler, how will Plymouth City fair against the villainous villains that harbor there?

Written by Adam Hinxman. Art by Adamtheimpaler


ATIP page1site
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Divine Intervention Novel

Divine Intervention is a medieval fantasy and magic story. dictated by Adamtheimpaler, written by Adam Hinxman, with excerpts from the Journal of Tome of Awe.

Divine Intervention: Hoarfrost will be the first installment of the Divine Intervention series.

The land of Awe had been, for as long as oral history existed, in a state of constant war and unleavity. The the Sky God, god of chaos, ruled unbeknownst and unworshipped as the patrons tore at themselves in an ever changing arena of territories. The Sky God remained glorified in the this eternal struggle much to their own self indulgence. And it was in this unruling nature, that a sect had come upon to worship the Sky God and unwittingly facilitated the Sky God’s demise.

In the millennia leading up to the Pact of Awe, the peoples of the continent of Awe began to consolidate into tribes with a common, singular ideology and god. These peoples, while in-fighting had not cease, would come together to fight off the outside indifferences. Six nations, with loosely based allegiances, would form from these commonalities. They would each come to understand the worship of the six gods that ruled their world.

With the Pact of Awe, an extensive treaty that spanned many generations of councils, the Six nations came together and formed a peace treaty. Cultures prospered and the borders of the nations came to standstill.

Now fourteen hundred years After Pact, the God Fjatt appears to the people of the Hoarfrost nation. Displeased and angered by the lack of territory gained, Fjatt commands his people to come together, raise arms, and conquer the other five nations.

Now with the discovery of the Tome of Awe's journal of his expedition, explore the World of Awe and the cultures of the six nations in this historical retelling of actual events. Adamtheimpaler and Adam Hinxman piece together Tome of Awe's drawings, translations, and findings into a cohesive story that explores the people, customs, and daily life of the inhabitants of the World of Awe. Experience the rituals of harvesting the explosive Hoarfrost Trees, the process of making the fabled Fever Bread, and annual migration to the capital city, Hoarfrost.

Divine Intervention: Hoarfrost follows the people of the Hoarfrost Nation as they come together for the Annual Fijatt Festival, in the year 1440 A.P., that will ultimately conclude with the arrival of Fjatt and the begining of the end of the World of Awe.



“-And it was with this, that I knew I must begin a complete and extensive journal of my findings. It is my fear, that in the finalization of my survey and cartography, King Haerous will begin a mass settlement and urbanization that will ultimately lead to the destruction of this majestic land. The continent is far from the uninhabited world that was imagined. I must figure out a way to delay the King while I decipher the mysteries of this land that I have dubbed Awe.”

Excerpt from the journal of

Tome of Awe

Day 19 of Expedition, 1844



A Hoarfrost warrior fights a Saberbear.
A Hoarfrost warrior fights a Saberbear.
Lunarium. The Capital of the Aystryl nation.
Lunarium. The Capital of the Aystryl nation.
Rivenhull. The Floating Capital of the Wanders of the Unknown.
Rivenhull. The Floating Capital of the Wanders of the Unknown.
Honeyloft. One of the capitals of the Everfolk.
Honeyloft. One of the capitals of the Everfolk.