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"Adamtheimpaler Presents Comic"
Story Adam Hinxman
Ink Adamtheimpaler
Hero Adamtheimpaler


Coming the Winter of 2018-2019 is the first Adamtheimpaler Comic.

This comic will introduce Adamtheimpaler, Plymouth City, and many of its off kilter inhabitants.

Adamtheimpaler Presents Between A Rock and A Hard Place[edit]

Following an extreme battle with his arch nemesis, Adamtheimpaler and Greasewrench hurtle through the sky on a giant mechanical rooster. As Greasewrench bails with an escape parachute, Adamtheimpaler is left straddling the airship when it crashes through a mountain.

When the dust settles, Adamtheimpaler is still alive but is trapped under a piece of the mountain. Unable to gain any leverage, his super strength is useless. Greasewrench refuses to help Adamtheimpaler and give up his chance at a free reign of Plymouth City.

In the absence of Adamtheimpaler, how will Plymouth City fair against the villainous villains that harbor there?

Between A Rock and A Hard Place will introduce readers to world of Adamtheimpaler. It will feature characters such as Amber Auslicious, GreaseWrench, The Minder, The Mayor of Plymouth City, and a few others.

The Original Adamtheimpaler Stories[edit]

Adamtheimpaler original stories were first blog posts on a prehistoric social media site called Myspace in 2005. Here they are unedited in their original format.

Adam the Impaler part 1[edit]

I was was running through the thick pines of the foresty forest, holding on to my bag of pez despencers with my dear life, the prey was about, i would have to say 15 meters in front of me, he too carried his favorite weapon, a cheese grater, as i closed in apon my prey he spun around grated cheese in to my eye, i dropped to ground, clutching my eyes, but not before i had throw a pez despencer, a hulk one, it spun through the air hurling at great speeds, impaling apon its target, -tune in to next week to found out what happens

Adam the Impaler part 2 preview[edit]

Sorry everyone to dissapoint but Adam the Impaler part 2 will be out shortly and this time longer and funner before. let go to sneak-tom peeping-peak preview "Behold the power! Behold the might! Behold the spinnning objects of doom! ADAM THE IMPALER PART 2 coming to a myspace blog near you. Featuring the conclusion of Adam the Impaler verus Pete the cheese grater, with the introduction of the femme fatal vixen of impending doom and sexual innuendos,Gloria Moria. watch how the action becomes to hot to handle with the introduction of villianish villian Potholders Mcgee, Posting later this week" -Adam the Impaler

Adam the Impaler part 2[edit]

The most explosive shatter of spray cone of thick tasty blood shot from the back of Pete's back in an explosive shattery way, Pete lay on the ground, hole in chest, screaming and twitching,"for the love of god, holy crap, how could you possibly think that a pez despencer could do that to me, I mean I can see right through me, like how am I alive, no serious, this monolgue doesn't make any sense at all, oh god," suddenly a black shadow cast over Pete, and its not death, its our lovable, intellegent, tastful, hot, and based on me, cocky, conceived hero, Adam the Impaler,sounds of heroic drums play, "so now what, are you going to kill me?" Pete whispered in a near death way," Well because I did shot you through chest and you do sound like you are whispering in a near death way I think that I will just assume that your are going to die here and I will just walk away, and if you happen to get better and someday try to seek revenge, then i will be ready(editor's note: does anyone know what foreshadowing is, and this is done for I do not have to strain my brain to come up with another villian), but for right now i think i will go now because the story is getting long and i stilll have to speak with the femme fatal vixen of impending doom and sexual innuendos,Gloria Moria" Adam the Impaler walks away very super heroy(hero-iee) like, later that day,at a local coffe shoppe, a old one at that, "Hey Gloria, fancy seeing you here" " Oh I always get fancy for you, and didn't I tell you , when you call out my name, call Moria, Moria" last part said in a very impending doom and sexual innuendo way, "Okay, Moria, Moria" also said in a very impending doom and sexual innuendo way," What do you want," " All I want to be able to do is scream moria, moria at you, my Adam" Okay due to the nature of the next scene, and not having such content on this site, i have decided not to include it, instead i will brainstorm and write anything that comes into my head, yup, thats what i'll do,...........hhmmm................ummm............................ ................. ..............yup...........oh i will draw adam the impaler comic book i could post pages here, anyone seeking to see pages of Adam the Impaler, please post postive comments to this idea, okay this is just getting dumb, you know what, you guys are loyal readers and you deserve every part of the story, so here comes the earlier too graphic to include scene, just as Gloria finished her sentence, Adam the Impaler clasped both hands over his mouth, which did nothing to hold back the violent, waves of sickly yellow colored pukey vomit, It spray with more force then recorded by man, if Adam the Impaler was not so super, this chunky yellow mess of liquid would have ripped through his stomach and turn through his brain, lucky for him, the puke spray with the distance of a distance runner, not a great runner but not a bad runner either, covered the whole coffee shoppe, and drenching Gloria Moria to the bone, the worst part of this was everone esle in the coffe shoppe, at the sight of Adam the Impaler's vomit, began to vomit too, oh there was so much vomit, vomit every where, i talking so much vomit, that the owner dicided that, because of the six inches of vomit on the floor, with all it's chunkyness, the owner dicided that he would just close the store, with that Adam the Impaler was kicked out-tune in for next time, when all your questions will be answered, Does Pete live to seek revenge? Does Gloria Moria ever get with Adam the Impaler? Will Adam the Impaler find another coffe shop? and oh ya little side note to all those sick sick people who thought that Gloria Moria and Adam the Impaler wer going to have sexua contact or somthing, your sick, okay not as much me, because i did write the whole puking scene, but still sick, and hopefully now you are actually really sick like i mean throwing up because you just wanted to read the graphic part, i hope you are in the bathroom right now and not even reading this, okay I am sorry, i didn't mean it, no seriously, i am sorry, please come back...come back,... for more next wekk on Adam the Impaler

Adam the Impaler part 3[edit]

Well all this action of the past part has left ou heroy hero left with no coffe shop and no money, what ever shall our hero do, go to the ATM, Adam the Impaler walks down the street in only the way supre hero could, super heroy like, he rounds every corner, ready to pounce on danger that lurkes the alleys and the villianous filth of the streets them he is prepare take on any evil sluggish slug that passes his way but what he is not prepared for is the ATM line the line of all lines longer then the longest yard as our hero places himself at the back of the line he sees only one thing the villiany of the and he determine to beat it "you line of evil waitingness yuo are mine to destory" Adam the imapler screams "watch out super hero coming though" althouth his act is is evilness in its own way it is his divine right to cut all those people how many times has Adam the Impaler saved those people he now cuts he cuts througth the line like a butterknife in butter he approaches the begining only a few more people to cut and the line is beaten he pushes and shoves way through until he has one more person to go "outta my way super needs money to supply caffine addiction" the trench figures is pushed aside like the rest. The figure looks up througgh green goggles and stares at Adam the Impaler "You you will rue the day you cut me Adam the Imapler" Adam the Impaler looks down" hey are you like electrical socket man or something" "arghhhhhhhh no respect no i am Electrcial Outlet Man" " Same thing" " You have no right to cut infornt of those innocent people" " wait are you evil " " Yes but i stood in the line like everyone else, you will fall to my electric current" " hey i dont swing that way" " what .. no thats not what i meant" "Hey isnt The Plunger gay, maybe you guys should hook up" " No damn it i am not gay" This is where Electrcial Outlet Man starts to go off on a huge rant to long to write down adn the whole time Adam the Impaler is taking out his money from the ATM slowy there ya go slowy backing way and around the corner okay now that the money crisis is over only one last battle today and thats find a new coffe shop