Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol

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"Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol"
Cover of Volume 1
Story Adam Hinxman
Ink Adamtheimpaler
Hero Adamtheimpaler
Website Read the Awesome Patrol Comic Here.

Unbeknownst to Humans, The Galactic War rages on. In an effort to stop Universal Destruction, the Galactic Draft is issued. As a planet directly in the path of the war, Human adolescents are abducted, cryo-frozen and transported hundreds of light years away to fight for the cause they know nothing about. each soldier is equipped with a vesper energy suit. The suits, psychily linked, allow for a magnitude of fighting styles. these fighting styles render in different colors.

Patrol features short vignettes that focus on a soldier as they unfreeze, learn to go on Patrol, and eventually die. Some vignettes are shorter than others... Each chapter has a theme. The first chapter stars The Punk Rogue and The Comrade. The theme for this chapter is Betrayal.

Volume 1: Betrayal[edit]

The Punk Rogue[edit]

The Twins[edit]

The Comrade[edit]