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Patrol: A Coloring Card Game
Patrol card back design
Alternative name Patrol
Game designer Adamtheimpaler
Publisher Adamtheimpaler Presents
Release date March 2017
Type Strategy Card Game, Coloring Card game
Players 2 players
Age range 12+

Patrol: A Coloring Card Game is a strategy card game that utilizes a unique Hide/Reveal and Patrol system created by Adamtheimpaler.

Patrol can be played by 2 players with an uncolored or colored in deck. In an effort to eliminate the need for boosters decks and costly rare cards, a Patrol deck comes with all 90 available cards. Players are then able to add one of the 12 colors/abilities to their cards for a total of 1080 different combinations of cards. Players are allowed to have multiples of any given card as long as they are different colors. Patrol is played in the person using 305gsm black-core matte printed uncolored cards. Patrol is a card game without card cost, player health, or player hands.

Each game is a simulation of the Galactic War. Players take on the role as commander of a unit of 5 soldiers and are able to divide their soldiers into different groupings known as Patrols. The cards are played face down and are revealed through attacking, defending, and using abilities. Abilities can only be used by revealing face down cars. Players take alternating actions until there are no moves left or both players Stay in a row. At the end of the round, soldiers that are face up and alive gain a level and players gain a point for each level gained this way.



Adamtheimpaler was preparing for a comic convention booth for his comic Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol by creating trading sketch cards to sell. After producing a dozen cards, a casual idea was started to make a card game. The mechanics of Patrol derive mainly from the lore of the comic. The idea was to create a card game that simulates the feel of being on Patrol. The mechanic of only drawing 5 cards and having no hand comes from the fact that in the comic only 5 random soldiers are unfrozen at once. In the comic, the alarm will sound when the attacking enemy is incoming. Th idea of non specific radar, multiple paths in the jungle, and the game of Stratego inspired the idea for patrols and face down cards. The idea to create a coloring card game came from the inks of the original trading sketch cards, previous coloring book created Adamtheimpaler, and the color and power associations of the Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol and Divine Intervention. In an effort to eliminate the need for boosters decks, costly rare cards,and pay to win systems of other collectible card games a Patrol deck comes with all 90 available cards. Players are then able to add one of the 12 colors/abilities to their cards for a total of 1080 different combinations of cards. The first prototype decks were printed in March 2017 and were first available for sale at the 2017 Great Philly Con. In May 2018, the prototype was completely re-drawn and abilities were rewritten for clarity. The new Starter Deck was made available for pre-order through a successfully funded Kickstarter in 2018. The Starter Deck made its debut at the 2018 CT Festival of Indie Games and received the 2018 Most Innovative Game Award.


  • 2018: CT Festival of Indie Games for Most Innovative Game Award


A game of Patrol consists of two players who form patrols from five randomly drawn soldier cards. Each player has their own deck of cards that are customized by adding abilities to the cards before the game begins. Players start the game by selecting an attacker for the first round through an arbitrary method, such as Rock, Paper, Scissor. The attacker of a round initiates each phase of the round. The attacker begins by dividing their cards into patrol or groupings of the five cards face down on to the table. The second player or the defender then divides their cards into patrols and has a strategic advantage in the round. Cards that are in a patrol can only attack the patrol they are assigned to. After patrols are created, the attacker selects one patrol and assigns it to a defender's patrol. The defender would then select one of their patrols to be assigned to an attacker's patrol. Players would continue alternating assigning patrols until all patrols are matched up. In the battle phase, each player alternates taking turns to perform one action. The four actions are Attack, Use an Ability, Stay, and Run. Players continue to take turns until there are no more actions left or both players Stay consecutively. At the end of the round, all cards that are face up gain a level. Players gain a point for each level gained this way. The remaining cards are turned face down and returned to base. The cards keep the level counters into the next round. The defender of a round becomes the attacker in the next round. Players continue until one player reaches 20 points. Players may also play until a specific round limit that allows each player to be an attacker equally and compare levels gained.

Deck Construction[edit]

Each player receive the same base deck of 90 cards. Players are then able to customize their decks to their play styles with 12 colors and abilities for 1080 different combinations. Players are allowed multiple copies of cards but the cards must be different colors, allowing for 12 cards of each type. Cards are also limited in the deck depending on the card's level. There are only four Level 5s in a 90 card deck. Decks consist of:

  • 2 Level 0 Cards
  • 30 Level 1 Cards
  • 20 Level 2 Cards
  • 20 Level 3 Cards
  • 14 Level 4 Cards
  • 4 Level 5 Cards

Color Families and Abilities[edit]

There are six color families with each family having two abilities. Players are able to add one ability to each card. The card's ability is written in the ability bubble located below the card's level. The ability bubble creates clarification so players can use multiple colors when coloring the artwork in, do not need to color their cards to use abilities, can color their decks all one color, and to accommodate players with color blindness. The Colors and abilities are based on the Vyspyrs of the Adamtheimpaler's Adam-verse.

Attack Family[edit]

  • Red: Range Ability
  • Pink: +1 Attack

Intellect Family[edit]

  • Purple: +2 Attack / -1 Health
  • Magenta: Wisdom Ability

Dexterity Family[edit]

  • Blue: Mobility Ability
  • Teal: Sneak Ability

Cunning Family[edit]

  • Yellow: Hide Ability
  • Orange: Counter Ability

Life Family[edit]

  • Green: +1 Health
  • Lime: Poison Ability

Defense Family[edit]

  • White: Shield Ability
  • Grey: -1 Attack / +2 Health

Product and Marketing[edit]

Patrol cards are 305gsm black-core matte printed uncolored cards and 2.5 by 3.5 inches. There are 90 unique cards that are offered in the full deck. The Starter deck consist of the first 36 cards in the 90 card deck. There is planned expansion in Spring 2019 for a 90 card Alien expansion deck. The decks are printed in English with the exception of the Samurai cards printed in Japanese and the Comrade Card printed in Russian.

Beginning in the Fall 2018 Patrol cards will be offered in singles on the site. This will allow players to have additional cards without having to purchase additional decks.

Exclusive Cards[edit]

In addition to the full deck, exclusive cards are created for special events, convention hand outs, tournament prizes and Kickstarter stretch rewards.

The Gladiator line of Exclusive Cards is made solely for Store events. Gladiator cards have the ability Arena Champion and gain 1 level when played at the Store.


All artwork, linework, card creation, and print files are created by Adamtheimpaler.

Soldier suits have themes based on the type of class the card is. Warrior and Fighter like classes tend to have lots of armor. Rouge like classes will tend to have less armor and no shoulder pads. Mage like classes tend to have the curved vents.


Unbeknownst to Humans, The Galactic War rages on. In an effort to stop Universal Destruction, the Galactic Draft is issued. As a planet directly in the path of the war, Human adolescents are abducted, cryo-frozen and transported hundreds of light years away to fight for the cause they know nothing about. each soldier is equipped with a vesper energy suit. The suits, psychily linked, allow for a magnitude of fighting styles. these fighting styles render in different colors.

See Awesome Tenacious Intrepid Patrol for the story and lore of Patrol