Power Patrol

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Power Patrol
Patrol card back design
Alternative name Prototype Deck
Game designer Adamtheimpaler
Publisher Adamtheimpaler Presents
Release date March 2017
Type Strategy Card Game, Coloring Card game
Players 2 players
Age range 12+
Cards 36 Cards

Power Patrol is the original deck for Patrol: A Coloring Card Game. The Power Patrol deck first premiered at the 2017 Great Philly Con. The deck featured the original artwork and abilities of the game. In development of the game, a few spelling errors were added to designate the first printing. However, there ended up being a lot more spelling errors than intended. As with any prototype, there were many features that were later included for clarification. Some card abilities in the Prototype deck were later changed due to poor play ability.

Power Patrol was changed to Patrol: A Coloring Card Game to eliminate any association or confusion with Power Rangers.

Power Patrol at the Great Philly Con
Power Patrol Copies

Original Colors and Abilities[edit]

For the Power Patrol deck and the first year of play testing, the colors were different from today's color families. Two of the abilities have changed completely and a few have been tweaked. Each family name was based off the main color of the family(example: Attack family was known as the Red Family.)

  • Slow: Shield was originally the Red Ability. With the change of the Family names, Shield was moved to the new defense family. Shield replaced the ability Slow. Slow was an ability that allowed a player to lock an opponent's card for a turn. It did not work as intended and was rarely used. Red then became a new ability called Range.
  • Swarm: Swarm was the original Orange ability. When a card with swarm died, it came back as a level 1 card for the rest of the round. It was confusing and most of the time players forgot which cards were swarm cards. Swarm was changed to the Counter ability.
  • Wisdom: Wisdom originally activated at the end of the round during the leveling phase. Wisdom would give any teammate an extra evel, if the card with wisdom was revealed. Wisdom was changed to a reveal ability to better match the other color abilities.

Original Card Abilities[edit]

While a majority of the card abilities were tweaked for clarity sake going into the Starter Deck, there were a few cards that had completely new abilities.

  • Alien: The Alien card's original intention was to be revealed immediately after drawing the card and before patrol designation. "Immediately" was removed from later editions of the card.
  • Berserker: The Rage Ability was originally "Can attack two enemies in one turn" it was later changed to "Berserker gains 1 Temporary level while attacking."
  • Druid: The Druid originally had the ability Loyalty. The Druid now has the ability Beast Mode.
  • Duelist: The Duelist's original ability was Fast Learner with "Duelist gains an additional level at the end of the round." Duelist's ability was later changed to Ripsote with "If the Duelist is attacked while hidden, the Duelist deals double damage to the attacker."
  • Fighter: The Fighter's orignal ability was Grunt with "After killing an enemy, Grunt gains their ability." The Fighter's ability was later changed to Battle Prowess with " If assigned an Attack Ability, gain +1 health. If assigned a Defense Ability, gain +1 attack."
  • Mage: The Mage originally had the ability Magical Bolt. The Mage now has the ability Ranged Missiles.
  • Magi: The Magi originally had the ability Vanish. The Magi now has the ability Magical Bolt.
  • Magician: The Magician originally had the ability Ranged Missiles. The Magician now has the ability Vanish.
  • Priest: Priest originally had the ability "Warm colored Priests gain +1 attack, Cool colored Priest give adjacent teammates +1 health." To better clarify, the Priest's ability was changed to "Attack, Dexterity, or Intellect Priests have +1 Attack. Life, Cunning, or Defense Priests give Patrolmates a Temporary +1 health counter while face up."
  • Warden: The Warden originally had the ability Beast Mode. The Warden now has the ability Loyalty.

Card List[edit]

Alien Card Amateur Bard Berserker Brawler Captain
Cleric Comrade Druid Duelist Fighter Hunter
Mage Magi Magician Monk Paladin Pirate
Priest Punk Rogue Ranger Rogue Samurai Savage
Scrapper Shaman Sniper Sorcerer Spy Stillborn
Tank Thief Warden Warlock Warlord Wizard

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